Sunday, April 14, 2013

Accomodation in Riga

Riga offers a wide choice of accomodation. If money is no object, you can choosefrom an ever growing number of luxury hotels, many conveniently situated in the Old Town. For budget travellers there are some very acceptable options too: some of these are located away from the centre but most are on tram routes, which makes getting into the Old Town an easy and relatively quick matter.
Do you need to book accomodation in advance? Particularly in the summer period, it is definitely advisable to book well ahead if you want a room in a particular price range or location. You will always find somewhere to stay in Riga , but it may not be exactly what you want if you have not arranged it in advance. There is tourist service bureaue "Welcome to Riga" at Riga International Airport (the Arrivals Sector E, where you can get information or even book rooms in the hotels in Riga or Jurmala, hostels or apartments in the Old Town, in the centre of Riga. There are also plenty of telephones if you want to find a hotel yourself before going into town.
An alternative to staying in Riga, particularly in summer, is to book a hotel in nearby Jurmala, Riga's seaside resort. Jurmala is about 20 minutes from Riga by car and about 40 minutes by train. Jurmala has some attractive and recently restored small hotels, as well as larger hotels with views over the Gulf of Riga. However, if you have only a few days in Riga, you probably won't want to travel backwards and forwards every day.
Prices at Riga hotels are oftrn quoted in euros on websites or brochures but you will always need to make payment in lats. The rates quoted by hotels generally include a buffet breakfast and VAT, unless otherwise specified.
All the quality hotels take credit cards. In practice, there tends to be little difference between prices for single rooms and prices for doubles, and single travellers will  often be given a double room anyway.
If you book directly, a double room in a luxury hotel will cost from 120 euros upwards, from 60 euros in a first class hotel, and from around 40 euros in a tourist-class hotel. Rooms in budget hotels can be found for 25 euros upwards, while dormitory beds in hostels can be found from 9 euros per person. Note that the prices quoted for superior hotels are maximum rates. If you book your holiday through a tour operator you will benefit from lower package rates. Discounts are also offered by some chains if you book hotels in Riga and Vilnius or Tallinn at the same time. As ever, it always worth checking internet booking agencies for special offers.